Guatapé Colombia and La Pierda

Guatapé and La Pierda

The Colombian region around Medellin is known for its natural beauty and dense forest and hills. But you can also find one strange particular looking rock in the middle of some strange lakes. This rock is called “La Piedra” or “La piedra del Peñol” and is found around 2 hours driving from Medellin. We are going to review the walk up the rock and in the area around it until we reach the town of Guatapé.

La Piedra near Guatapé

Arriving in the area around Guatapé it is impossible not to see the big rock La Pierda in the middle of the little lakes. The rock is a strange object in the middle of a relatively flat landscape. It points out some 200 meters and is flat and bold on all the sides, like it has been cut a river or sea for many centuries. You have to pay a little entrance fee to enter the area around it and walk the stairs up the rock. Yes you read that correctly you can climb the rock by going up the 649 steps to the top. It’s not such hard walk but you have to be in some condition to go all the way up. On top of the rock you have a stunning view over the country and the little lakes with islands that form one big lake. The sight is absolutely stunning. We had clear weather and could look far into the distance in all directions.

Path to Guatapé

We went down the 649 steps of the rock to leave for the town Guatapé. This town is located about two miles away from the rock and can be seen easily from the top. It looks closer from up there but you have to manoeuvre around the little lakes, which increases the walking distance. There is a walking path you can follow all the way to the town. To find this path you have to follow the main road and then suddenly it runs parallel to the road. The path will take you through some forest and around the lakes. You can find some beautiful flowers along the road in the forest. We were the only tourist walking the path since all the others just take the cabs or charter busses, which bring you from La Pierda to Guatapé in just 15 minutes.

The colorful town of Guatapé

After a small walk of about two hours you arrive in the town of Guatapé. This little town is famous for its colours that are used in the buildings, crossroads, churches, roads and road signs. It is town, which lives of tourists, so don’t expect to be there alone. But the town has its charms and the restaurants are pretty good! On some days you will find a small market along the lake bedding, cheap and good food! The Colombians will go on party boats that randomly cross the lake, they make a lot of noise but it is fun to see their traditions. The town of Guatapé can be explored in just one hour; enough to catch the last bus back to Medellin. Find more travel information about Guatapé on

Review of the Guatapé trekking

Scales consist of points ranging from one to being easy or not cool to ten being awesome or very hard.

Question Answer
Elevation level 0-200 meters
Distance 2-3 miles and 649 steps
Difficulty level 2
Climate Dry and warm
Temperature Around 20-25 degrees Celsius
Best shoes to equip Light hiking boots or normal hiking boots
Hike equipment Mosquito repellent, binoculars and a simple medical kit
Kids Yes! This is the perfect walk for them and the view is stunning.
Worth tracking? Yes, but expect other tourist on La Pierda and in Gautapé
Most beautiful aspect Views from La Pierda and the colors in Guatapé


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