Hiking trail Boquete Panama

Hiking trail Boquete Panama

Hiking in Panama means crossing dense jungles and forests. The jungles around Boquete in Panama are known for their moist atmosphere and high humidity levels. Because of the moist one of the most beautiful spectacles of nature are formed on the mountains around Boquete, the cloud forests. The cloud forests are jungles covered in moss and other vegetation that just loves humid places. Lonely planet reviews the area around Boquete with the following; “With its breathtaking hills and nearby forests, Boquete is one of the most idyllic regions in Panama for hiking and walking”. We agree and might be able to convince you in saying the same about this hiking area.

Hiking trails around Boquete

We review the hiking trail Sendero El Pianista, this is a must go for any hiker visiting Boquete.

Sendero El pianista

Sendero El pianista or in English “The Pianist Trail” is one of the least explored and visited places by tourist around Boquete, yet it can easily be reached by public transportation. Take a local minivan and ask the driver for Sendero El Pianista, he will call you when to get out. You arrive at some houses bordering an Alpine landscape with low elevation hills and farm animals grazing. The first hour the path is easy accessible even for children, fun walk children so far because of the river crossings by jumping stones.

After one hour of walking
After around one hour you arrive at the jungle where the trails takes up a higher difficulty level. Mud and wet stones make some places very slippery watch out for it. For about 30 minutes walking it is still safe to take your kids but after this we cannot recommend it. Crossing the river for the first time will take you on the trail up the mountain, which will take around one hour. This path is untouched and absolutely beautiful! The vegetation is growing denser and you can hear birds and insects making sounds. The higher you go the more clouds will pass like mist through the jungle, you will get wet but not soaked. Closer to the top the jungle transforms in the cloud forest. This forest is almost never free of clouds and the trees are totally covered with moss and vegetation. Words cannot describe how beautiful this is.

Top of the mountain
After two to three hours walking you will reach the top. Winds blow, clouds move along and the only thing you hear is vegetation moving in the wind. The locals tell us that if you are lucky you have a stunning view over the jungle valley but this happens only when you are lucky. We could only see clouds and jungle around us. If you follow the track it will take up to three or four days for reaching the next villages close to Bocas Del Torro. We turned back and followed the step like stones down which give the Sendero El Pianista its name. Read more about Boquete here.

Review of the hiking trail

Scales consist of points ranging from one to being easy or not cool to ten being awesome or very hard.

Question                          Answer
Elevation level 1000-2500 meters
Distance 3-40 miles
Difficulty level 6
Climate Wet and moist
Temperature Around 20-25 degrees Celsius
Best shoes to equip Light hiking boots or normal hiking boots
Which backpack Daypack or backpack that is waterproof
Hike equipment Not needed
Kids Only the first hour of the track
Worth tracking? Yes!
Most beautiful aspect The cloud jungle


loves to hike! Traveling around the world and making my way in dense forests and up high mountains. Until this day I have conquered; Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, France, Swiss, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, China, Thailand, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy and many more countries.

5 thoughts on “Hiking trail Boquete Panama

  1. Hey there!
    I walked this path and have to agree that it was untouched and beautiful! If you visit Boquete be sure to spend a few hours tracking this trail.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. The picture looks awesome! Can you post more pictures of the tracking in Boquete? And is it easy to travel from Panama City to Boquete? Thanks!

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thanks! We took many pictures along the hike but showing them here would just spoil the fun of exploring the place. We hope you understand.

      Traveling from Panama City to Boquete takes around one day since. You can take different direct busses from Panama City to David where you have to transfer to a bus with destination Boquete. From David to Boquete it is just a two-hour drive. I think we spend around $15 in total for the journey.

  3. Hi I’m trying to getca idea of what the trail looks like real pictures I want to know what the top looks like as two Dutch girls went missing there I want to survey the area where they were last seen and had the accident.

    1. Hi Luke,
      The picture as seen above is from this trail! It looks like that all the way, probably the trail is better now due to all the attention it has had. You can walk to the top in about 1-2 hours depending on your speed. On the top you can have a nice view but also a high change of only clouds. Hope this helps! Good luck.

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