Nomad hiking gear


The brand Nomad is founded in 1978 creating 3D-polarsoft sleeping bags that where lightweight and extreme cold resistant. Nomad quickly grew in different directions within the hiking scene and is now producing a wide range of hike products. Nomad offers hiking gear for cold, warm and high altitude climates. The gear is tested in different famous expeditions and commonly used by the Dakar rally competitors.

Nomad hiking equipment

When you are traveling outdoors Nomad is one of the full product service providers in the hiking scene. They offer all the gear you need on your trekking and are specialized in ultra lightweight gear. The Swedish brand is one of the leaders in Europe and is rapidly expanding to different continents.

Hiking gear categories
Packs Footwear Clothes Camping supplies
Backpacks Hiking boots Jackets Tents
Daypacks Sandals Wind stoppers Sleeping bags
Travel bags Snow boots Fleece gear Sleeping pads

Official website: Nomad

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