Hiking gear

Hiking gear

What hiking gear do you need on your trip? Well this depends on where you are going and for how long you are hiking. Nowadays hiking gear comes in all forms, sizes and customized for any terrain. Technology is also making its way up the list for must have items. We sum up some basic gear you need to get around in a forest or other basic hiking trail. For specialized travels like high altitude, arctic, jungle or desert you need to adjust your gear.

Different hiking gear for a different hike

We categorized hiking gear und the six categories; backpacks, footwear, clothes, camping supplies, hiking accessories and gadgets. Since a backpack and proper footwear is the most essential gear for hiking we recommend you to check out our pages about backpacks and footwear. On these pages we give advice on buying the right backpack and footwear for your hiking.

Hiking clothes
Before buying hiking clothes investigate and learn about the hiking area you are visiting. Is it cold, wet, hot or both? This is really important since much gear is specifically designed for special weather conditions. Some examples are long shirts, short t-shirts, shorts, convertible nylon pants, socks, fleece gear, Polypropylene underwear, hats, gloves and rain jackets & pants.

Camping supplies
Camping supplies are mostly for hikers that want to stay overnight or longer on a trip. Under camping supplies you will find camping tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, shelters, camp kitchen supplies, pocket stoves, water treatment, health and safety, food, camp furniture, water bottles and hammocks.

Hiking accessories
Hiking accessories are items that you carry and use on the road. Examples are headlamps and flashlights, compass, knife and tools, trekking poles, binoculars, ponchos, vacuüm plastic bags, field guides, sunglasses, fire starters, stuff sacks and lanterns. All these accessories can make hiking a lot easier.

Nowadays technology is helping us in every way, this does sometimes take the fun away but it makes hiking a lot easier. We offer a various range of hiking gadgets like solar chargers, watches, radios, GPS trackers, action camera’s and smart phones. Most of these gadgets work on batteries so we cannot recommend taking hikes without experiences totally relying on your gadgets.

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