Camping supplies

If you are hiking for more then one day you probably need to camp somewhere along the trail that you are walking. Camping is not only for hikers but many people enjoy the nature by setting up a camp in nature. We offer various camping supplies for hikers and camping holidays. The lightweight gear is probably the most suitable for hikers but when don’t have to carry the weight you might want to look at the more luxurious camping supplies.

Camping supplies

Going camping in nature is one of the best experiences for young and old. You can get in touch with yourself, the world and the people you are sharing the camping moment. And nothing is better then a campfire with diner on it under a clear sky full of stars. Before you can set up camp you need some supplies like a tent, sleeping bag, stove or barbeque, sleeping pads, camp chairs and maybe even a hammock to relax. We offer a great deal on all the items you need for camping. If you are backpacking you should look at our ultra lightweight equipment since this reduces your gears weight significantly.

Setting up your camp

When you don’t have to watch the weight of the gear we suggest you buy durable equipment since it lasts longer and saves you money in time. We offer a great variety of tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camp furniture, shelters, stoves and other kitchen equipment for your camping experience. You have to make your own campfire but we can deliver the fire starter gear.

Ultra lightweight camping supplies

When backpacking the weight of your gear is important since it improves your stamina and endurances capabilities. The lighter the weight of your camping gear the more maneuverability you have walking, this benefits walking speed and your own safety. Check out our ultra lightweight camping supplies that are designed to be light and easy to handle. We have sleeping bags, sleeping pads, small lightweight tents, pocket stoves, multi purpose knife and fire starters to complete your camping gears. Check out our hiking gear pages;