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Choosing the right hike equipment might be one of the hardest tasks for the present day hiker because there are so many options to choose. We offer reviews and recommendations on how to customize your gear for your hike. This means we help you by choosing the right backpack; fitting it on and helping you pack your supplies. Choosing the right hiking boots is vital for safe travels and which will lead to more fun on your hikes without blisters and other annoying injuries. Next to most important equipment the backpack and boots we give you recommendations on your camping gear to take along on the journey. We provide a complete checklist so forgetting something on your hike is out of the option. On our blog we feature the latest trails we walked and give provide you with detail about the most famous hikes in the world. We hope you enjoy our website and use our guides to your own benefit. Safety first, right fits of gear second and the best hike equipment will lead to an unforgettable hiking trip anywhere in the world.

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Hiking trails can be found everywhere on the world. There are different difficulties and distances in trails to conquer for every hiker. But which trails are the most fun to walk and accessible for the rookie or the pro? We review new, old and famous walking and mountain trails around the world. If you have a suggestion or want us to review a trekking contact us and we will try to help you out. On every review we will mention the difficulty level, the distance and which gear to take for the safest journey. On every travel we put safety first, if you hesitate about your capabilities needed for the hike it is probably not smart to start.  Every hike is different because of the terrain, temperature, climate and elevation for example. Higher altitudes means lower oxygen that results in a lower stamina level. Snowy landscapes come with wet gear and shivering winds, dense jungles with high humidity levels that all give new problems for the hiker. Prepare well for any hiking trail my fellow traveler else the risks can’t be overseen.